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Frequently Asked Questions

What is myitprofile ?

  •  myitprofile is an IT CV / Resume designed specifically for Information Technology professionals
  •  myitprofile is much more than simply an online CV / Resume. It is an online database of your IT skills and qualifications, searchable by leading IT recruiters, viewable only by those you choose and editable only by you. 
  •  myitprofile is much more than just a website. Its an online community of Information Technology professionals, providing you with access to IT jobs, IT resources and IT contacts to help your business or career. 
  •  myitprofile allows you to have the latest version of your CV / Resume in one place, so that employers can always see the latest version of your CV / Resume, and you can see exactly who has viewed your CV / Resume and when. 
  •  myitprofile gives you total control over your CV / Resume and personal data. You can remain anonymous, and control exactly who views your CV / Resume. 

Who is myitprofile for ?

  • All Information Technology Professionals, permanent or contract. 
  • Graduates with some IT / computing skills wishing to enter the IT Job Market
  • Anyone with IT skills wishing to enter the IT Job Market

How much does myitprofile cost ?

  • Hosting is currently FREE for Information Technology professionals.
  • Hosting includes ALL the major services that we offer, such as your own private online mailbox, access to your statistics, member search facilities and inclusion in our member and recruiter directories. 

Why do I need myitprofile ?

  • Many IT recruiters use the Internet as a means of recruiting new staff. By having your IT CV / Resume online you are greatly increasing your chances of being headhunted for your skills and experience.
  • When you send out copies of your IT CV / Resume, it can become out of date within a matter of months. By having a link to your  myitprofile  on your CV / Resume, employers will always have access to the latest version.
  •  myitprofile  is designed specifically for Information Technology professionals, and is searchable by leading IT recruiters and employers, 24 hours a day. 
  • No need to waste money on expensive CV / resume layout services, nor worry that its the layout of your CV / resume that is costing you those interviews - we provide just one standard layout for all candidates that provides all the information our recruiters need at a glance. 
  •  myitprofile  helps to prevent identity theft by keeping your identity and personal information hidden. 
  •  myitprofile  helps to promote equal opportunities and prevent discrimination by permanently withholding details such as sex, ethic origin and age. 

How is my privacy protected ?

  • We never reveal your information to third parties without your permission, and your statistics page allows you to see exactly who has viewed your CV / Resume.
  •  myitprofile  provides you with a candidate number, and your own private mailbox through which members and recruiters can contact you.  
  • You can activate/de-activate your  myitprofile  at any time. De-activating your myitprofile removes it from all search directories and prevents anyone else from viewing it except you. 
  • You can choose to password protect your so that only those visitors and members you choose can view your profile. 

How long does it take to set up myitprofile ?

  • It takes just seconds to set up your account, by filling in the form opposite.
  • Typically, completing your profile will take about 10-25 minutes. If you already have your CV stored in electronic format, such as in a Word document, then you can save time by cutting and pasting the text from your CV.
  • We have specifically designed our setup process to be as quick and simple as possible.

How can I contact you ?

  • If you wish to contact us, please use the form on the "Contact Us" page below.
  • We try to respond to all messages within 48 hours.

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